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Latino Communituy Consultant- Teresa Foster

About Teresa

Get the highlights from past Immigration Consultant to the new Napa Valley Community Consultant & Activist journey.

Community Consultant

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It's time for a new chapter as a community consultant!

Teresa Foster, Latinc Community Consutant speaking at a gal.

About Teresa

I'm originally from Mexico City, but for the last three decades I owned and operated an immigration consulting agency here in the Napa Valley.  As a consultant, I reached out to hundreds of families needing help with immigrating to this country, a country I have adopted as my own.

Combining the business savvy acquired as an executive bilingual administrative assistant in my homeland with a desire to help others navigate the often-difficult waters of immigration paperwork and bureaucracy, I found to be a natural in this career. 


Not only have I been successful in the world of consulting, but I have an innate ability to bring people together from all across the political and demographic spectrum, delegating duties and responsibilities to them for various community projects. I've been a sought-after team member for various boards and committees, as well as radio and television shows,  receiving multiple awards and accolades. I'm looking forward to continuing my work in Napa!

Community Consultant Teresa Foster with member.
Image by Matt Benson